Are Your Horse’s Teeth Causing Problems?

Fisher Equine DentistryEquine Teeth. These teeth are adapted to nipping off and crushing harsh, dry forage while the animal is on the move.

The teeth have immense roots which continually erupt as the surfaces are worn off. Especially when the horse is confined and on softer feed, the crowns of the teeth wear irregularly, creating sharp edges (points, hooks) and uneven surfaces (malocclusions).

Owners’ attention to their horse‚Äôs teeth ranges from excellent to awful. Neglect may be caused by lack of knowledge, sometimes by lack of care, and often simply because horses hide signs of distress and dysfunction in their mouths.

Within the last 25 years equine dental knowledge and skill has blossomed within our culture. Many dedicated people have contributed to this boom of expertise

Dr Fisher

More than 5 out of 10 domesticated horses have teeth problems which interfere with riding, training, behavior, feeding, comfort, or health.

Dentistry often leads to improved performance, behavior, feeding, condition and comfort within weeks. Early recognition and correction of developing problems is a huge advantage to the horse and to the owner.