Step by Step Dentistry

New PictureBefore we arrange a dentistry you and I go over the requirements for a safe dentistry and the history of our patient.

The animal must be healthy, carry no contagious diseases or be in contact with infective animals, have no previous adverse reaction to sedation or medications, and be manageable enough to examine and lead into the dental stocks.

My portable stocks come to you. We want a water source, level ground and a safe area with room for the horses and my rig. No power outlets are needed but I can use them if available.

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If I fly to you we can use your stocks as long as they are safe for the horse and us.

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Your horse receives a physical exam.


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If you think your horse may not need dental work, I charge nothing to look and feel in the mouth before sedation.

You complete your side of the paperwork.

Then your horse enters the stocks and is gently sedated.

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Your halter is replaced with a dental halter allowing greater opening of the mouth. I evaluate his face, head and incisors.

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Then the speculum is inserted to keep the mouth open. Despite its ominous looks, this tool is tolerated well and is easy to place. The mouth is rinsed out.

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Then the interesting part… inspecting the mouth! Who knows what we will find?

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You may wish to look and feel in the mouth also. That’s great!


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We discuss what needs to be done and do it. Correcting this…


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And this…



And these…

Using these procedures and tools.

After all is done, the mouth is cleaned, flushed and checked for proper function and anatomy. Then the rascal gets a rest and a cheek massage.

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We clean and disinfect the instruments, fill out the records, and get ready for the next candidates.

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