Livingston Testimonial

“Dr. Fisher is a true master of his craft! His custom mobile setup is efficient, functional and comfortable for any horse. The boat float that my mare gets to rest her head on is soft and comfy.

Dr. Fisher took the time to let her inspect the stall, even though she sees it every year. With a gentle touch, he coaxed her into the stall where he allowed her to relax a bit while he checked her temperature and heart.

He sedated her with a conservative dose, allowing her to remain cooperative yet, come out of sedation quickly.

Halfway through his work, Dr. Fisher released her jaw so he could massage it for a moment so she wouldn’t be sore later. This is a man that truly cares about the comfort and health of horses.

Without hesitation, Dr. Fisher shows you what is actually going on in your horse’s mouth! He wants you to know why he is doing what he is doing!

The use of power tools allows for precision and timeliness, so my girl can stay healthy and comfortable. Dr. Fisher keeps accurate and detailed records of what he observes during his “pre float” examination, providing an accurate history over time. He keeps a record of what sedatives were used and at what dosage.

Dr. Fisher is priced fairly and worth every single penny. There really isn’t anything negative to say! I cannot speak highly enough of him and recommend him to anyone and everyone!”

…Paige Livingston (Rio Verde Foothills, Arizona)

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