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Chevy with Rich

These last several years have been financially hard on equine owners, which means some animals have slipped from the grace of good care. Many individuals and groups have stepped in to save these forgiving creatures.  For those survivors rescued from neglect or abandonment I offer seriously discounted dentistries. Call me if you think you need help caring for the teeth of these fine friends: horses, mules, donkeys.

The following organizations and I have worked together on many fine horses!      

Arizona Equine Rescue Organization (AERO) Reigning Grace Ranch After the Homestretch
 Arizona Equine Rescue
Organization (AERO
 Reigning Grace Ranch  After the Homestretch

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8/11/13 – While Phoenix PD were out recovering a stolen car in the river bottom, they stumbled across this little guy barely alive.  He was sent to AERO for immediate medical care and rehab.  The vets named him Shiny Chevy in honor of the stolen car that saved his life.New Picture (1)

These are little Chevy’s teeth just after he was rescued by Officer Daryl Hale (Dept. of Agriculture) and kept alive during the night by him and his wife. He was delivered into the hands of Soleil at AERO. His teeth were a mess; he was starving simply because of inability to chew from severe malocclusions.

You can follow Chevy’s return to health and a great home.  Click here to see Chevy’s story.

And the story continues! Chevy has his own Facebook page now! See what he’s doing today.

Testimonials from AERO Facebook Page in response to his work with Chevy

Dr. Rich Fisher has been a tremendous asset to AERO through the years with his completely selfless assistance on equine dental cases at a moment’s notice and his dedication and compassion to animals in his daily walk. He works at the Arizona Humane Society veterinary clinic in South Mountain and always offers to help animals brought there even on his own time and own dime. He is truly an animal lover who generously gives his talents with no thought of receiving anything back. He is extraordinary as a human being and Shiny Chevy owes his life to him! Please feel free to post any comments to Dr. Fisher and we’ll be sure he gets each and every one of them. Thank you! AERO staff

  • Kimberly B. – Thank you for loving the horses Dr. Fisher.
  • Misty L. – Thank you Dr. Fisher for everything you’ve done for the mini at AERO, Chevy can eat really good now, thanks to you.
  • Bre L. – The world needs more people like you! May your inspiring dedication spread like wild fire!
  • Pause I. – I saw this photo earlier and it made me smile. Thank you Dr. Fisher.
  • Candace R. – Bless this gentleman, for he is rare nowadays. Wish he came to the NE PHX area.
  • Barbara K. – Thanks Dr. Fisher, for making a difference in so many lives!!!
  • Lori W. – God bless you Dr. Fisher! Your heart is made of pure gold. Thank you for all you do to help these wonderful animals.
  • Kathie C. – God Bless you and thank you for all you do and have done. You are a very special man.
  • Kate K. – Thanks so much for all you do for the animals. They are our hearts. The needs ones in shelter and rescue are waiting to make someone whole.
  • Zack G. – Well done sir.
  • Kandice G. – Wish there were more people out there like him…
  • Traci P. – And he’s a really awesome guy in general! Always a smile on his face!
  • Rhea S. – Apparently you love your work!  Thanks for all your help.
  • Jody V. – Keep up the wonderful work you do.
  • Debby S. – I don’t know him and don’t live anywhere near there, but just to read this warms my heart. What a loving soul!
  • Jan B. – YOU ROCK, Dr. Fisher!
  • Noelle F. – Thank you for being such an Extraordinary Caring person!
  • Niky R. – Rich is such a great Vet! I had the pleasure of meeting him personally and working with him. He’s also such a sweetheart and fun to be with! Lots of greetings from Germany!
  • Annette C. – People like you are very far and few between now days. God bless.
  • Maggie S. – Dear Dr. Fisher, you are simply outstanding! May I show support by letting you know how much I care about the way you selflessly help these animals. <3 God bless you!
  • Jackie C. – It is wonderful to see the dedication you have to help the innocent animals that some view as garbage. God bless you for helping them.
  • Marilyn D. – Thanks, Dr. Fisher for all you do for the animals who cannot speak for themselves. You are a hero in MY book! God Bless You!
  • Lainey H. – God Bless you! Wish I could volunteer too…you are a blessing!
  • Bonnie B. – Thank you for all you do for the animals.
  • Roberta W. – I have had the privilege of working with him. He is an awesome vet and a really great person.
  • Vicky K. – Rich Fisher is the kind of person we should strive to emulate. He has a giant heart. When he is around, no one – human or animal has anything to fear. I’ve had the honor of working beside him. Professionally, he’s’ been a superb mentor and teacher.
  • Linda H. – This makes my heart smile to see this kind of dedication Dr. Fisher
  • Corinne W. – He is indeed a rare, kind and wonderful man with a heart as big as Texas. I am glad he is getting this well-deserved recognition. Way to go, my friend! Thank you.
  • Ann H. – I had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Fisher when I was the interim ED for the AHS. He is a genuinely kind and compassionate person. The staff loves him. I think the world of him. I’m not at all surprised to read this about him.
  • Lana B. – If the animals had a voice they would thank you and hug you too.
  • Laura H. – This man is one of the best people I’ve ever met. He is not only an extremely talented and knowledgeable vey but a genuinely kind and loving soul. I have had the pleasure of working with him in the past and consider myself truly honored. You are an inspiration and angel to every heart you touch, be it animal or human.
  • Jan B. – I know everyone has to make a living, it’s great to see someone do something for nothing. Volunteering does a heart good!
  • Cynthia R. – What a wonderful man. There is a special place in heaven for people like you Dr. Fisher.
  • Janet S. – Thank you Dr. Fisher. You are amazing, generous, compassionate man. God bless you.
  • Lydia K. – Coolest dude EVER! I don’t get to work with him often but when I do it’s always a pleasure. Lots of love to you Dr. Fisher.
  • EJ H. – Dr. Fisher, you are a true hero. Your halo is shining bright for all of the innocent animals you’ve helped. God bless you!

The following before- and-after photos come from After the Homestretch – AZ:

New Picture (1) New Picture






Ex-racehorse, Society Girl, was found wandering in the desert by a young couple. Department of Agriculture picked her up. She came to After The Homestretch-AZ on April 1, 2012 and was over 400 lbs underweight. Within 4-1/2 months she was rehabbed. She found her forever home on Thanksgiving 2012 with a young girl in Chandler and now lives on 2 acres of pasture in the young girl’s backyard.

I was not involved in any of Society Girl’s recovery. I share her story as well as Chevy’s to encourage you, as fellow horse lovers, to join or support one of the many rescue groups throughout Arizona.