Basic Dental – $160 includes:
  • Travel
  • Set-up
  • Exam
  • Sedation
  • Evaluation of teeth and mouth
  • Showing you problems and giving my recommendations
  • Removing sharp points
  • Creating bit seats if you desire
  • Blunting sharp canines
  • Correcting mild to moderate malocclusions (common but abnormal waves, hooks, ramps, excess transverse ridges, overlong incisors, incisor line deviations, and abnormal table angles)
  • You keep a copy of the dental chart
Advanced Dentistries – variable fee

Depends on time required, difficulty, nerve blocks needed, medicine and materials required. Includes everything in basic dentistry plus:

  • Removing fractured or loose teeth or wolf teeth
  • Correcting severe malocclusions such as shear mouth, impacted teeth, steps, severe waves and hooks and massive ramps, advanced incisor line deviations, angle corrections, incisor length reduction
  • Unusually difficult to handle horses

I will give you an estimate of extra charges before treatment.

Your horse may be referred to a Full Service Equine Clinic for those cases requiring x-rays, general anesthesia, surgery, treatment of draining sinuses or any condition I feel is beyond my skill level. I will give you a copy of the dental records and will call or write your veterinarian with my observations and thoughts.

Sheath Cleaning

$35 when sedated for dental